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21223 professionals

Privacy Statement

Flexmanager has strict rules which guarantee that your data will be handled very carefully.

1 Personal data is always specifically requested and only recorded with your permission.
2 All information marked "Not published" is taken up only into Flexmanager’s internal administration and is not made public via our website.
3 All information marked "Published" is made public on our website.
4 All information marked "Not published" is passed on to third parties only with your permission.
5 The information entrusted to Flexmanager is used only to implement Flexmanager’s purpose, namely "online matches between interim-projects and interim-managers".
6 If you ask us in writing to remove all your data, this request will be honoured.
7 If Flexmanager alters it’s "Privacy statement", all it’s business relations will be informed at once.

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