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Experience (interim) manager with financial background

Experience (interim) manager with financial background

Work Experience

Oxfam Novib July 2015 - April 2016
Oxfam Novib is part of the Oxfam alliance, a global network of civil society organisations focusing on eradicating the world of poverty
Specialist Project Finance/ project controller (temporary position)
Hired to successfully close a number of donor funded projects and coordinate financial management of six projects implemented through Oxfam offices in Asia and Africa.
Key responsibilities
• Financial management of five projects with multi-year budgets between one and five million euro
• Financial reporting, budgeting and coordinating financial closure
• Assessing internal control and financial management capacity of counterparts in projects
• Provide advice to projectleaders on financial management
Key Achievements
• Reduction of ineligible cost in one project from USD 300,000 to USD 50,000 by managing a complicated project audit through constructing the file and interacting with the auditor
• Identifying and coordinating case of potential ineligible costs/ fraud
• Successful completion of year end reporting of all relevant projects and related audits

Coordinator Quality, Finance and Control (maternity cover)
The Quality, Finance and Control team provides services to the Oxfam Novib organisation (both in The Netherlands and to the various offices in Africa and Asia) related to financial management, internal control and quality management. Coordinating the activities of the Quality, Finance and Control team related to internal audit, quality improvement and procurement.
Key responsibilities
• Managing a team of two quality specialists, one procurement specialist and two internal auditors that started in new roles after a large reorganisation
• Improving the procedures and process in the organisation through managing a project aimed at increasing effectiveness and efficiency
• Coaching of the team in improving the quality of their work
• Coordinate with other teams in the organisation to ensure integration of different changes in the organisation in the day-to-day work of the team
Key achievements
• Started the development of an audit plan and new risk register to guide the work of the internal audit team and ensure the organization properly identified it’s key risks and mitigating measures
• Developing an approach for improving the effectiveness and efficient use of procedures and policies in an organization that just went through a major reorganization
• Identifying the major issues encountered by teams through the organization that needed to be addressed
• Guiding the implementation of decentralized procurement teams and the development of a proper support system
• Performing an internal (systems) audit of the country office in Mozambique
• Development of a proposal for improving the counterparty risk management tool

Fairfood International July 2011 – July 2015
Director Operations
Fairfood International is an international civil society organisation advocating for a sustainable food chain towards large food companies with offices in various countries. As part of the Board of Directors responsible for financial management, internal control, ICT, HR, quality management, evaluation and impact assessments, CSR and security.

Key responsibilities
• Taking part in strategic direction setting as a member of the Board of Directors
• Acting as the controller to the organisation, monitoring expenditure patterns and providing reporting to the Board of Directors and Supervisory Board and acting as the focal point for the external auditor for the preparation of annual accounts and project audits
• Ensuring proper risk assurance and liability management
• Guiding the development of various improvement processes, ranging from CSR to quality management and improvements in administration and financial reporting
• Guiding of a team of seven paid and between three and 10 volunteers in providing different services (HR, ICT, evaluation and financial administration) to the organisation with a budget of approx. EUR 750,000
Key achievements
• Implemented the operational elements of a restructuring of the organisation from a department based structure to a project based structuring
• Designing and modelling of a major cost reduction strategy
• Implemented and guided a new quality system using the ISO:9001 standard
• Designed and implemented a new administrative organisation to improve robustness and efficiency
• Guided the transfer to a new accounting and reporting standard
• Managed the design and set-up of a CSR policy based on ISO:26000 standard using a consultative process with different internal and external stakeholders
• Managed the design and implementation of a monitoring and evaluation system for the organisation
• Acted as interim director, first for the communications department and later for the advocacy department in a period of one year, guiding the teams on their tasks while continuing to manage my own team

EY Advisory Public Sector (Ernst & Young) July 2005 -July 2011
Advisor, Senior Advisor, Manager
EY is a global service provider. The Public Sector advisory team provides advisory services to clients in the public and not for profit sector related to improving financial performance and risk management. As a team member of the team based in The Netherlands managing projects and initiating business development.
Key responsibilities
• Acting as (operational) auditor or advisor in projects related to evaluations and design of new organisational/financial structures
• Managing project teams implementing projects for clients in the Dutch central government, the international donor community or European Commission
• Contributing or initiating business development projects related to performance improvement, organisational reviews/evaluations or with (potential) clients in the international donor community

Key achievements
• Team member or manager of various projects in the Dutch public sector related to cost effectiveness, such as improving cost structure of part of the National Institute for Health and the Environment, identifying scenario’s for cost reduction for a municipal government, identifying cost levels and cost reduction incentives of the Dutch pilotage organisation, second opinion on costing for highway reconstruction works and evaluation of DBFM structure for the ministry of Infrastructure
• Successfully implemented more than fifteen projects as project lead in varies countries outside The Netherlands, Moldova, Finland, Luxembourg, the Palestinian National Territories and the United States
• Independently writing eleven successful proposals for projects funded by the Dutch central government, European Commission, Dutch development bank (FMO) and the World Bank with a total value of over EU 2 million

ECORYS Research and Consulting September 2003 – July 2005
Trainee, junior consultant
ECORYS is an international economic consultancy providing services to public sector clients in a large number of countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin-America, including European Commission and the World Bank. Started as trainee in Birmingham and Rotterdam, rotating through different departments and finally becoming a junior consultant dedicating time to two department: real estate and macro-economic and trade departments.
Key responsibilities
• Providing support to senior staff on projects implemented by the specific department.
• Contribute to business development trajectories by supporting the writing of proposals
• Managing the EU-LDC and EU-ACP networks
Key achievements
• Contributed to various evaluations of programs for the UK government and European Commission
• Independently made varies feasibility studies for housing and infrastructure developments in the UK, Belgium and The Netherlands

YER Executive Recruitment September 2000 – July 2003
Executive Search Consultant

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Netherlands July 1999 – October 2000

Recent Board memberships or other voluntary positions
Partos November 2013 – November 2015
Board member and Treasurer of the Dutch association for NGO’s working in International Development
PvdA Den Haag September 2011 - current
Chairman working group on municipal finance for local branch of labour party


Professional Training and courses
Oxfam Novib June 2015
Half a day course basics of using SAP (different modules)
Centre for Safety and Development September 2012
Three day course on managing security frameworks from the perspective of headquarters of an NGO
Ernst & Young training center 2005 and 2006
Two three day courses in business risk management practices, methodologies and instruments

Erasmus University Rotterdam September 2009 – July 2011
MSc Public Financial Management: Post graduate degree focussing on financial management in the public and not for profit sector
Thesis: not completed
University of Amsterdam September 1998 – December 2002
MA Social Sciences: Master focussing on international political economics, specifically the financial sector
Thesis: Using embeddness to measure MNE-banks political influence; Foreign banks during the 2001-2 Argentine crisis
University of Groningen September 1997 – September 1998
Propedeuse History: First university exam providing access to next level academic education
Baudartius College Zutphen/Vrije School September 1990 – July 1997
Pre-university education (VWO): preparatory education for university based on the principles of Rudolf Steiner


Technical Skills: SAP, Accountview, FileLynx, Excel, Office tools
Other: leading workshops, proces design, evaluation and monitoring,(financial) auditing


Dutch, English, German, French


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