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Sales Manager, Sales Director, Sales & Marketing Manager, Bu

Sales Manager, Sales Director, Sales & Marketing Manager, Bu

Work Experience

2018-present Partner/Consultant/Interim Manager

Companies seeking sustainable commercial success and higher sales at a lower cost, need an organization that is both agile and hungry for knowledge.
RedFoxBlue builds these organizations through linking data analysis to process optimization and experiential learning.

This is done from the vision: "We are convinced that only organizations that adapt the most quickly to changing customer and market behavior will become the winners of tomorrow"

My role as a professional is to ensure the final result through sharp and confrontational analyzes with a concrete and workable translation to the implementation to the management and the shop floor.

2011- 2017 Global Sales Manager
Penko Engineering BV

Job description:
 Member Management Team
 Manage Sales department
 Manage dealer network of 23 dealers
 Responsible for all global sales activities of weighing and dosing systems
 Development and responsible for Global Sales strategy
 Development of Global Sales & Distribution network
 Development of international OEM Customers
 Market development of Asia, USA, Germany and United Kingdom
 Responsible for setting and timely execution of business plan (budget plans)
 Increase of overall sales by 30% since 2012
 Increase of sales in NL by 32% since 2012
 Increase of sales by 56% since 2012 outside the Benelux
 Increase of sales by 147% since 2012 in Germany
 Acquired 4 large international OEM customers in Asia & Europe
 Appointed 9 new dealers/distributors in Europe, Asia & USA,
 Change sales department from reactive to proactive approach
 Reorganized portfolio (products, pricing) made it competitive

2010-2011 Owner / Consultant
HS Business Services

Job description: Consultancy and interim services for companies & start-ups
 Business plan for restart/reorganisation of wood trading company
 Commercial plan for take-away restaurant
 Consulting for Gerson Lehrman Group
 Consulting for Cognolink Ltd.

Area Sales Manager Material Handling Products
Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift Europe BV

Job description:
 Managing and responsible for international sales & distribution network (area: The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Africa & Israel) for CAT Lift Trucks and Mitsubishi Lift Trucks; total 22 distributors:
 Developing & improving of international sales & distribution network
 Expanding, reorganizing sales & distribution network and improving the business in week and emerging countries
 Responsible for setting up and executing business plans (budget plans) on factory level and distributor level
 Set up targets and implement local strategy for distributors to achieve their plans
 Initiate and setting up Sales & Marketing support programs
 Intermediate between the factory and distributors.
 Increase sales by 14% in 2008 in area, 5% in Benelux and 42% in Africa
 Appointed and set-up new dealers/distributors in Benelux, Israel and Africa
 Developed strategy plan for Africa
 Increase of market share in the Netherlands of 20% in 2009

2006-2007 Area Sales Manager Marine Products
Yamaha Motor Europe NV

Job description:
 Managing and responsible for international sales & distribution network (area: Ireland, UK, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain & Greece); total 11 distributors:
 Developing & improving of international sales & distribution network
 Expanding, reorganizing sales & distribution network and improving the business in week countries (focus on: Germany & UK)
 Responsible for setting up and executing business plans (budget plans) on European HQ level
 Set up targets and implement local strategy for distributors to achieve their plans
 Managing supply chain (purchase, sales & inventory)
 Manage Inside Sales Team
 Structure and reorganise dealer network in UK & Germany
 Achieve business plan

2002-2006 Territory Manager
Caterpillar Financial Services Netherlands BV

Job description:
 Managing lease-portfolio
 Contact with dealers, customer and back-office in UK and Sweden
 Making lease offers for customers
 Investigate creditworthiness of customers
 Preparing lease-agreements for customers
 Setting up credit-lines for (credit facilities) for customers
 Initiate and setting up marketing support programs in cooperation with dealer
 Dealer sales man training
 Taking care of repossession of machines and sales of used and returned machines
 Taking care and handling all daily work in the office
 Increase of new business of 30 mln euro to 55 mln euro
 Increase of percentage of dealer delivery from 62% to 74%
 Decrease of debt rate from 2.1% to 0.75%

2001-2002 Project Manager
ParkMate Products BV

Job description:
 Planning, coordination and managing of projects
 Intermediate between supplier, customer and company
 Reason for leave: new challenge

1997-2001 International Sales Coordinator Jet Ski, ATV & Mule EMEA (2001)
International Sales Representative Jet Ski, ATV & Mule EMEA (1999-2000)
Sales Representative Jet Ski, ATV & Mule The Netherlands (1997-1998)
Kawasaki Motors Europe NV

Job description:
 Contact person and intermediate between the European distributors, the European head office and the Japanese head office.
 Responsible for sales & marketing activities, technical matters, financial matters and general matters
 Initiate product development for the European market


1991-1997 HEAO Small Business at Haarlem Business School Diploma: 1997
Graduation project Small Business
 Business plan for De Zeilvaart, Enkhuizen. The Netherlands
Trainee ships Small Business
 Domestic: Organisation and legal research for new software organisation for Yuse Software Engineering, Haarlem, The Netherlands
 Foreign: Prepare of a business plan and writing of a SWOT-analysis and a strategic marketing plan for Nepal Mechanical Workshop, Kathmandu, Nepal
Projects during study Small Business:
 Competition analysis for De Zeilvaart, Enkhuizen, The Netherlands
 Business plan Horeca Informatie Bureau
 Business plan Furnico BV
 Business plan Bike Trading
1989-1990 NIMA-A at Stichting Cursussen Hanzeschool, Deventer Diploma 1990
1986-1989 MDS at Hanzeschool, Deventer Diploma: 1989
1985-1986 HAVO at Florens Radewijns College, Raalte
1981-1985 R.K. MAVO Salland, Raalte Diploma: 1985

2008 Training course Conversation Techniques
International management Training
Leadership program
Fundamentals of Financing Schouten & Nelissen
ETC Inc: Mr. D. Titus & Mrs. J. Cymbalek
De Wilde advies & begeleiding
MCFE BV: Mrs. A.C. Van Schaik
2008 Presentation Skills Training Team Power Dev. - UK
2008 Training Dealer development & Change management ctn consulting & training network - Germany
2005 Training Time management en Stresspreventie Certificate IMK
2004 Training Communicatie vaardigheden Certificate SOVI Communicatietraining
2002 Basiscursus Financieel Inzicht Certificate IMK
1996 Training Management skills Certificate Haarlem Business School
1990-1991 Certificate for Excellent Organizational Skills Military service Military Service Royal Dutch Army


I am an internationally oriented senior manager, with 20+ years of experience in the automotive, electronic engineering, machinery, process automation, material handling business and financial services. Talents of me are: entrepreneurial, pro-active, strong customer focus, well developed management and leaderships skills and commercial skills, helicopter view with eye for detail, strong analytical and financial skills, flexible, reliable, go-getter

My specialities are: sales management, sales development, business development, dealer/distributor development, network development


Dutch Native
English Fluent spoken and written
German Good spoken and written


Other activities:
2017-present Treasurer of the parents council primary school Twickel, Hoofddorp
1991-1997 Member of Studenten Vereniging Small Business
1993-1994 Member of the board of the Foundation of the Cooperation of Economic Students Associations in Haarlem
1993-1994 Chairman/Manager of the Students Bar Committee (S.E.S.V.) in Haarlem
1991-present Member of Heerengenootschap Delirious Symbiosis
1991 Initiator and organizer of farewell event at the military service


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