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Flexmanager for Clients

Via Flexmanager you can quickly and comfortably find suitable candidates for your interim vacancy. The process is easy: you send us a project description with a desired candidate profile. You project is placed on the Flexmanager website anonymously (i.e. without your corporate or personal details). Interested interimmanagers place a bid on your project. We forward you the resumes and rates of the best candidates, after that, you can decide if you would like to interview one or more of these candidates.

Click here to place your interim-project on the Flexmanager website. Within 24-48 hours you will receive the CVs and rates of candidates.

Placing a project is free of charge. Only in case of a successful match you pay a commission to Flexmanager. The commission is already included in the quoted rates.

You can also search yourself for a suitable candidate. However, out of experience we know that placing your project on Flexmanager is more efficient to find a suitable candidate.

A Typical Case

Day 1 The corporate decision has been made to restructure the company. The manager of Plant X makes objections against the plans, and does not cooperate. You decide to replace the manager, but do not have a suitable internal candidate available. You place a project description on the Flexmanager website.
Day 2: You receive the resumes of three Flexmanager candidates. After review of the resumes you decide to invite two candidates for an interview.
Day 3-4: Candidates A and B are interviewed. Both are suited for the job, but candidate A has the added advantage that he has already experience with the exact same manufacturing process used in Plant X. You decide to give the assignment to candidate A.
Day 5: Candidate A starts as "Interim Plant Manager" of Plant X.
Three months later: The restructuring of Plant X has been successfully implemented. The interimmanager has deligated his responsibilities to the newly assigned Plant Manager. The interimmanager is relieved from his tasks.

Looking for an Interim-Manager

There are three ways in which a client can look for an interim-manager.

1. By searching on Flexmanager’s homepage.
Choose a category in the section "search for an interim-manager" and click on the search-button. The available interim-managers are shown by category. Then you can select the interim-manager in whom you are interested.

2. By placing an interim-project on Flexmanager’s website.
When the interim-project has been placed, interim-managers can react to it via Flexmanager’s homepage. It is necessary for the client to register himself with Flexmanager before placing an interim-project on the website. The client will be given a username and a password. With these the client will have the secure section of Flexmanager’s website at his disposal. In this secure section of the website the client can place his interim-project. The client can change or remove his data and his interim-project at any time, with the help of his username and password. The publication of interim-projects is always anonymous.

3. By telling Flexmanager carry out the entire search operation.
Flexmanager can carry out a specific search operation for the client by, for example, making use of Flexmanager’s loan/secondment agreements of the companies which are affiliated with Flexmanager.

The Selection Process

Interim-managers are only introduced to a client after they have been interviewed by Flexmanager. The purpose of the interview is to find out if the profile of the applying interim-manager fits the job description of the interim-project. If there are sufficient points of contact the applying interim-manager will be introduced to the client.

Agreements with the Client

If the client wishes his interim-project to be carried out by the applying interim-manager, two contracts will be drawn up: on the one hand between the client and Flexmanager, and on the other hand between the interim-manager and Flexmanager. The contract between the client an Flexmanager will have the following fixed subdivisions:

· Description of the assignment
· Duration an planning
· Declaration of confidentiality
· Remuneration
· General conditions

Besides the above-mentioned subdivisions of the contract, more detailed agreements can be laid down in the contract.

Fees and Remuneration

The client will be charged Flexmanager’s fees weekly. The client is expected to pay within fourteen days of the date on the invoice.


All the information entrusted to Flexmanager is filed confidentially. All publications on our website are anonymous. Anonymity is only discontinued after consultation and with the permission of the persons concerned. You can read more about this in our "Privacy Statement".

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