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Finance manager

Finance manager

Work Experience

9 maanden Thuiszorg Gooi en Vechtstreek – Vivium Zorggroep in Huizen, Netherlands.
apr 2008 - Coordinator Finance department. In July 2007 the above mentioned
jan 2009 care companies has been merged. In 2008 the integraton proces started. To solve the problems for this process and to control the implementation of the financial system (from Bomas to Exact Financials) this position had been created.

21 maanden CMI Energy Services B.V. in Antwerp / Luik, Belgium. Interim manager. CMI is a
mei 2006 - Belgian industrialist. The company build and rebuild the installations on the plants of
feb 2008 energy companies. Responsibilities: To improve and repositioning the activities of the back-office on the locations in the Netherlands. Also improve the financial and management reporting.

3 maanden MEE Nederland in Utrecht, Netherlands. Interim Controller. MEE is the leading
okt 2007 Dutch association for support and advise the clients by their physical limitation.
jan 2008 Responsibilities: responsible for financial and economic issues, managing the accounting staff and activities for the budget plans and explanations to the members of the associations. Frequency for some days a week.

2 maanden HOMIJ Technische Installaties B.V. in Amsterdam/Deventer, Netherlands. Project
apr 2007 - controller. HOMIJ is a big installation company and is a part of the VolkerWessels
mei 2007 concern. Responsibilities: accompany and support the financial issues of a project control for the project accountants. Frequency for some days a week.

8 maanden Zwapak B.V. in Aalsmeer, Netherlands. Salary administrator. Zwapak is a trade
dec 2006 - company which trade in packing products for the wholesale business and retailers
jul 2007 relating to the flowers industry. The salary accounting is done ‘in company’. Also support to the manager of the HRM department. Frequency fors ome days a week.

6 maanden Strukton Systems in Tiel/Ridderkerk, Netherlands. Projectcontroller. The project is
apr 2006 - responsible for the cable technique infrastructure belongs to the railway of the
sep 2006 Betuweroute. Responsibilities: responsible for project accounting (managing 1 FTE), project control, cash control, forecasts, purchase control, build of the periodical reporting and attend to the important meetings.

18 maanden Betuweroute Strukton Fahrleitungsbau in Papendrecht/Tiel, Netherlands. Project
apr 2005 - controller. This work is the mean part of a national infrastructure project for building
okt 2006 the railway called the ‘Betuweroute’. This work is done in a combination of contractors. Responsibilities: responsible for project accounting (managing 3 FTE), project control, cash control, forecasts, contracts, purchase control, build of the periodical reporting and attend to the important meetings.

5 maanden Uitvoeringsorgaan Werknemersverzekeringen (UWV) in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
nov 2004 - Projectcontroller. The project concerns the activities for implementation to handle
mrt 2005 with the guidelines as described in the national law which is called ‘WALVIS’. Responsibilities: responsible for project planning, for project control, project accounting, contract partner, build monthly/quarterly/yearly-reporting, notes, checking the correspondence and filling the documentation, attend to a lot of meetings, etc.

Mar. 2004- Universal Pictures International B.V. in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Till May 2004,
Sep. 2004 part of Vivendi Group, France, after May 2004, part of NBC, U.S.A. (NBC is a General Electric company). Temporary manager reporting to Financial Director and sparing with Financial controller and Financial Projects Manager. Responsibilities: Preparing and filing of the annual accounts 2001, 2002 and 2003 for Universal Pictures International and the other related Dutch group companies. Supporting the accouting team by implementation of GE accounting policies.

Dec. 2002 - Grontmij N.V. in Driebergen / Utrecht, The Netherlands. Temporary manager
Jan. 2004 reporting to division controller and Managing Directors. Responsibilities: Optimize of planning & control function, improve of the administrative organisation, implementation of ‘obligation’ sub ledger, transition of financial system from Oracle to Exact Globe, combine of accounting for some foreign participating interests and managing of the accounting team (5 FTE).

Nov. 2002 - Uitvoeringsorgaan Werknemersverzekeringen (UWV) in Zeist / Amsterdam, The
Dec. 2001 Netherlands. Projectcontroller / Manager Project Desk (6FTE) reporting to project management and division management. Responsibilities: financial project control, arrange of financing, contact / correspondence with internal/external auditors, accounting departments of the own organisation, arranging of hire temporary specialist, preparing monthly/quarterly/year reports, reviewing documents, preparing memo’s, several meetings (project managing group, progresses conversations, controllers meeting etc.).

Nov. 2001 - Daimler Chrysler Capital Sercives (Netherlands) B.V. in Nieuwegein / Vianen, The
Jul. 2001 Netherlands. Temporary manager (on the payroll of KPMG) reporting to CFO / Credit Chief Officer. Responsibilities: supporting to the sale of the portfolio. Monitoring of the actions. Take care of operational actions. Results: The actual sale of the portfolio to ING Lease Nederland.

Jun. 2001 - Mercedes Benz Leasing Nederland B.V. in Nieuwegein, The Netherlands. Temporary
Mar. 2001 manager (on the payroll of KPMG) reporting to manager finance and sparing with financial controller and financial projects manager. Responsibilities / Results:
Clean up and make connections to some accounts, re-claim of the VAT, to support the financial department and taking part in the project group ‘Euro conversion’.

Feb. 2001 - Universiteit Utrecht, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Utrecht, The Netherlands.
Jul. 2000 Temporary manager (on the payroll of KPMG) reporting to head financial department. Responsibilities / Results: In temporary substitution for 2 functions: a) manager accounts payable and b) senior assistant accounting and support by the composing of the annual statement of accounts. The responsibilities of b) are: develop and adept financial / economic models, preparation of the Euro conversion and administration / execution of employee benefits.

Jun. 2000 - Coen Hagedoorn Bouw B.V. (a medium-sized building industry company) in Huizen,
Jul. 1996 The Netherlands. Administrator / head financial department (temporary) reporting to head financial department / management. Responsibilities / results: accounts payable, receivable accounts / debtors ledger, project accounting, employee / wages administration, managing fleet of cars, contacting to bank, accountant, insurance company, project manager millenium project, implementation of a new financial software package, composing of the monthly reports, composing of the annual statement of accounts, managing of the department (4 FTE and a telephone operator).

Jul. 1996 - Reformed Diaconal Foundation for Home Care and Social Service in Huizen, The
Jun. 1995 Netherlands. Administrator reporting to manager, controller and committee. Responsibilities / results: Once again set up of the financial accouting and to make up arrears. Structure the monthly reporting and management reporting.

Mar. 1996 - Administrative office in Huizen, The Netherlands. Administrator reporting
Jan. 1994 to manager. Responsibilities / results: Enter up of all documents, advise of the clients, take care of tax declarations and compose of the annual statement of accounts.

Dec. 1993 - Work placement Rekitt & Colmann in Naarden, The Netherlands. The importer and the
Sep. 1993 international manufacturer of caring and cleaning products (the leading brands are: Silvo, Brasso, Glassex, Feet, Woollite etc.) Stagiair reporting to financial manager.
Responsibilities / results: together with a colleague stagiair pass through and
describe the administrative processes in the company.

Aug. 1993 - Workplacement Tax department private persons / companies Hilversum in Huizen,
Jan. 1993 The Netherlands. Stagiair reporting to tax inspector. Responsibilities / results: Enter up of tax declarations, impose and calculate of tax, speak to the customers etc.


1986 – 1990 Lower general secundary education “Groen van Prinsterer” in Huizen, The Netherlands. Subjects: Dutch, English, German, mathematics, physics and chemistry.

1990 – 1991 Intermediate technical school “Dudok College” in Hilversum, The Netherlands. Only first year.

1991 – 1995 Intermediate business education “Amersteyn College” in Amersfoort, The Netherlands. Subjects: Dutch, English, business economics, business accountancy, statistics and commercial economics.

1995 – 1997 MBA (Modern Business Administration) “Markus Verbeek” in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Subjects: business economics, business accountancy, statistics and fiscal law.

1997 – 1998 Practice Diploma Wages administration “BOB bouwopleidingscentrum” in Waddinxveen, The Netherlands. Course name: Wages and salary records for the building industry.

1998 – 1999 “Executive and organize 1” “BOB bouwopleidingscentrum” in Waddinxveen, The Netherlands.

1999 – 2000 “Executive and organize 2” “BOB bouwopleidingscentrum” in Waddinxveen, The Netherlands.

2000 - 2002 Higher National Diploma ‘Markus Verbeek’ in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Subjects: business accountancy, adminstrative organisation / business information services, commucative and social skills, statistics, marketing and organisation.

2002 - 2003 “Study Tax Consulent” College Belastingadviseurs in Cullemborg, The Netherlands.


2001 Supporting Euro Conversion, internal course of KPMG
2001 Effective cofference, Communicatietraining office in Hilversum
2000 Millenium problems, Millenium platform
1999 Windows NT administrator, ‘Computrain’ in Utrecht
1998 Access 97 ‘Compu Phase’ in Bussum.
1997 Excel 97 for advanced ‘Compu Phase’ in Bussum


Personal qualifications:
Hands-on, reliable, straight, no-nonsence, sensible person.

Systems knowledge:

Financial packages:
Exact, Grote Beer, SAP R3, King, Oracle, Profina, CTB-BMS (a simular of Baan Finance), Davilex and Leasebase.

Remaining packages:
Windows 9x, Windows NT, DOS (operating systems), Excel, Qpro, Lotus, Multiplan (spreadsheet programs), Word, wordperfect (word processing programs), IBIS-TRAD (calculation program), PC LOSA, Mako, E-Salaris (salary records programs), Visual Basic, SQL (computer languages), Explorer, Netscape (webbrowsers).


English, Dutch


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